Hi and welcome Home!

Let us co-create this sacred space, and tune our hearts into the high frequency of unconditional love. When we enter this temple we commit to transform all judgments and thoughts into light.

My name is Marlia and I’m so excited to share my latest news with you in this first introductory video from a series of online lessons I will be creating and uploading on my website within the next few months. This is just the beginning of an online Academy I am working on for some time now, involving vocal lessons, handpan lessons, guitar lessons, yoga sessions, breathing/pranayama sessions, traveling vblogs, living in a campervan tips, mindfulness seminars, life coaching seminars and much much more.

Let’s embrace this idea of community, co-creation, of teaching each other and our children what we know.
It is time we united.

Let’s expand to all continents, eliminating distance and bringing people closer, reminding each other that we are all made of the same material. We have the tools to do this now.
Let’s participate in something bigger than the individual ‘I’, connecting souls from all over the world to a mutual sense of belonging.

The time is Now.
The time has come.

Welcome Home.

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Classes are free to watch at home wherever you are in the world
If you have a similar video you’d like to upload, get in touch to be part of this community.
Connecting souls from all over the world to a mutual sense of belonging!


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My Videos 

Episode 3: Vocal warm-up exercises, SIGHING

Do you feel like you’re holding too much tension in your body? Release it with sighing! Second warm-up exercise: sighing Focusing on the solar plexus (upper abdominal region) to improve and strengthen your breathing system. Encouraging vocal flexibility and introducing vocal strength, while maintaining body expansion and extending a conscious supported exhalation. Challenge yourself with a long-phrase, complicated vocal exercise which includes sliding, pitch, technique and falsettos.

Guitar Tutorial 1: Naturaleza by Danit, explained by Marlia

    Guitar + voice tutorial for the medicine song “Naturaleza” composed by Danit Learn how to play the guitar parts of this song, the chords, the fingerpicking and the lyrics to sing along. Let me know which other songs you’d like to learn how to play or sing; I know a great number of medicine songs, mantras, singer/songwriter tunes on guitar and on handpan.

Oso blanco by Marlia (Bóveda Celeste cover)

After recording this version, I’m getting to meet the actual creators, who live in Brazil; they are Bóveda Celeste: Arnaldo Herrera and Andressa @Bóveda Celeste: Arnaldo & Andressa @Arnaldo Herrera Thank you so much for your creations!

Episode 2: Vocal warm-up exercises, HUMMING

Are you running out of AIR too fast when you sing? Learn how to mindfully resist the exhale. First warm-up exercise: humming Developing the breath support system, relaxing the muscles which usually retain tension, working with diaphragmatic breathing. Focusing on a neutral larynx placement, playing around with vocal cord compression, narrowing down the front production. Working on slides to iron those vocal creases, learning how to power through higher notes.

A prayer for each human being and Mother Earth 🌍

Free your voice workshop called “RISING VOICE” coordinated by Marlia at Alma festival 2018, Arava desert – Israel We come together, standing in a circle. We just start to sing and tune in. Before you know it, you enter a different space inside yourself, feeling free and open to share your voice and feel your heart.

Vinyasa yoga sessionOpen Heart

Vinyasa yoga sessionOpen Heart Intermediate hip-opener heart-opener vinyasa flow “Open Heart” yoga session with a 10-minute savasana with live meditation/improvisation music by Marlia towards the end of the video

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