Hi and welcome Home!

My name is Marlia and I’m so excited to share my latest news with you in this first introductory video from a series of online lessons I will be creating and uploading on my website within the next few months. This is just the beginning of an online Academy I am working on for some time now, involving vocal lessons, handpan lessons, guitar lessons, yoga sessions, breathing/pranayama sessions, traveling vblogs, living in a campervan tips, mindfulness seminars, life coaching seminars and much much more.

Besides being a musician, I’ve been an educator for most part of my life, from teaching English language in the classroom, to one-on-one voice activation and singing lessons, to group online webinars regarding subtitling and technical text translation.

The time has come to create a common ground for all these fields, bringing them together under one roof, inside one cocoon. This is manifested as an online Academy where you can watch free videos and practice in your field(s) of interest, or login, create a profile and customise your lessons according to your needs and financial situation.

Some of my dear friends and colleagues will also contribute their teachings onto the academy’s platform creating a substantial, all-rounded and all-inclusive method of mindfulness pedagogy courses for you to complete online at your own pace.

We will be able to address your specific needs and check on your progress on a more personal level, when we synchronise our schedules online and when we visit your country for experiential group workshops, or when we meet in festivals and gatherings.

Let’s embrace this idea of Community, co-creation, of teaching each other and our children what we know. It is time we united.

Let us spread and expand to all continents, eliminating distance and bringing people closer, reminding each other that we are all made of the same material. We have the tools to do this now.

Let us participate in something bigger than the individual ‘I’, connecting souls from all over the world to a mutual sense of belonging.

The time is Now.

The time has come.

Welcome Home.