HangOut Naxos (29.05 – 02.06 2020)


HONA is a music festival of the HangOut Gathering series that takes place on the beautiful island of Naxos in Greece.
It is a calling of musicians from all over the world who share the same spirit of expression, through this special instrument called handpan. A coming together of sound explorers who wish to share their love and create beautiful auditory landscapes that bypass the rational mind and go straight to the heart.
In this four day celebration a wide number of workshops will take place spanning from Yoga, Dance and TaiJi to Instrument and Macrame making as well as Handpan playing classes for all levels, Sound healing meditation and more.
Among all the above mentioned, we get to witness beautiful spontaneous jams between a wide variety of instruments and souls who wish to connect on the spot and explore what is there!
All workshops, guided by inspired artists, aim to explore the heart/mind connection, through means of sound, light and motion.
Each night, after dinner, we welcome wonderful musicians on stage to share with us their latest inspirations on steel and take us on a beautiful journey.


Naxos island is the biggest island in the Cyclades and amazingly beautiful. Next to many exotic beaches the island has also many historical sites, churches, mountains and green valleys.

It’s ideal for hiking, cycling or exploring the island by car or quad. You can do water sports, horseback riding, excursions around the island by bus or boat and much more.
Or explore the kastro in Naxos town: a labyrinth of small streets and steps, bourgainvillea, cats and small boutiques, which goes from close to the port of Naxos all the way up to the Venetian castle.
Also if you don’t like to lie on the beach all day Naxos is a wonderful place for your holiday. There are many “things to do”.
Less known is that Naxos has also a very active nightlife. All along Agia Anna and Plaka beach are many restaurants, taverns (some with live music), beach bars and clubs.
Some stay open till the morning.
And don’t worry: you won’t hear them on Maragas Beach.
In Naxos town are also several bigger clubs.



The green scenery of Maragas in combination with the golden beach and the blue sea casts a spell on the visitor right from the very beginning.

Visitors will have the chance to experience unique moments of relaxation in a beautiful landscape that nourishes the soul and inspires the spirit to ever more great heights of personal expression.
A wide range of options of mediterranean cuisine is offered to all kinds of taste.
Add all these to the beautiful sounds of handpan and the people that surround it and we have a recipe for a wonderful Gathering.


May 29 2020


All Day

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