Rising VOICE Surrey ¬ Vocal Breathing Journey (Day 1)

Saturday 16th May 12:00-20:00
Sunday 17th May 10:00-18:00
The Rising Voice residence is an empowering, self-confidence booster, guided journey in a protected and safe space. It is a vocal, breathing, musical experience, created to bring each participant home in their own, individual leader quality, the unique, once-in-a-universe human signature – and to shine!
We learn to trust our intuition and to connect to our authentic musical source.
*No prior singing experience is necessary
Learn the Marlia way, a more open and spontaneous path to dive deep into intuitive sounding with total strangers – a new family! To open the heart in a very human way and create a space of family, trust and spirituality.
How to work with “stage” fear, fear of judgement and criticism.
How to create a loving environment,
for ALL of our human qualities
and to have a home in the mutual space.
Learn basic tools to use sacred movement and nurture your body with the flow of sound.
During the workshop participants will guide songs
and compare the inner experience with the experience of the group, so that we can start to understand the connection
between our individual and collective experience,
grow together, reflecting to each other with loving eyes.
by sending an email:
or a message: whatsapp +35799379670

⚜️⚜️ ABOUT MARLIA ⚜️⚜️
Marlia Cœur is much more than a musician. She has journeyed around the world with her music, offering live performances and workshops for her audience. Since releasing her debut album, she has taken her craft to the farthest corners of the globe, currently in the midst of her ‘Rising VOICE 2020’ tour. With a growing presence she is a powerful voice in the world of ‘Ceremonial/medicine music’ and the rising global community of people who are committed to residing in harmony with the Earth.
My workshops and retreats are related to meditation, self-development, healthy nutrition, mindful sexuality, movement, selfless service, as well as natural and alternative healing and environmental causes. Consciousness is a personal journey but when we come together as a collective whole, we have the power to not only climb mountains, but to move them.

Visit www.marliaproject.com or www.onlinehomeacademy.eu and don’t forget to check out ” Marlia project ” on Soundcloud + Spotify + Facebook + Youtube + Instagram


“Entering the workshop space I felt warmly welcomed from the first second on. It was a very lovely, familiar and trustful atmosphere right from the beginning.
During the workshop I had the possibility to discover different parts of my voice and got to know how the breath can help enormously to use our voice in a gentle and strong way.
I did not only learn something about using my voice but also about my everyday life. Marlia is a very passionate inspirational woman with a huge heart and beautiful soul. She’s creating a safe, intimate space which helps to flow into transformation. I could also experience a feeling of unity and togetherness what I highly appreciate.
I warmly recommend to join one of Marlia’s workshops or listen to her soulful inspirational music. She’s truly a gift! 🙂 ♥”
Carina D.

“The workshop with Marlia was beautiful. I went in there with my love for singing but full of self-doubt and by the end I felt so connected with the group and able to sing by myself and jam. Marlia created a supportive and joyful atmosphere and so everyone was comfortable to sing. I felt so relaxed at the end, I didn’t want to leave. It felt like I’d been meditating for hours, I felt connected and full of love and inspiration to write music. I got so inspired and worked on my song. This is where I am with it ❤✨ . Thank you so much for sharing this event. It was absolutely beautiful. I want to do it all day, everyday. Wasn’t it so perfect for winter!I Got such a strong sense of Marlia’s soul on Sunday, it was her truth, not her ego. I want to be in my truth too when singing and calm my critical ego (which is getting stronger, the closer I get to my truth) and I feel that being around her and all of these wonderful people would help so much!”

“I loved the Rising Voice workshop! Marlia created such a relaxed and cosy and safe space, I felt really free and encouraged to play with my voice and trust that I would be heard and supported.
Marlia shares her deep knowledge on the voice and music with real beauty and humbleness, I feel super inspired by her careful and calm approach to sharing in this space!
I came away from this workshop feeling re-connected to my voice, music and sound in general as a source of wisdom and healing. I feel this workshop has kick-started some much needed healing in my throat that will ripple through time and space. Thank you thank you!”
Claire B.


May 16 2020


12:00 am - 8:00 pm

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