I am so excited the Hang or Handpan came into my life; I first became acquainted to this instrument in 2003 in one of my trips to Switzerland. Finally after years, I have the opportunity to compose my songs and arrange traditional Cypriot, Greek and Bulgarian tunes on the handpan. It completely changed and reinforced my perspective & approach to music in general!

Beginner handpan player

· We will develop touch, hand co-ordination and hand-independence skills

· We begin with training your fingers and ears

· You will learn how to build up patterns

· You will discover how rhythms are structured

· You will get familiar with 4/4 rhythms

· You will get familiar with 3/4 rhythms

· You will learn how to create a melody from a pattern

· We will move into learning arpeggios.

· If this interests you, we will practice singing while playing handpan.

For intermediate and advanced handpan players, a 1-on-1 meeting is important for me to hear you play, discuss with you what are your personal needs and provide you with my suggestions and songwriting/composing techniques.

Contact Marlia to schedule your lesson in person or online.

€60 initial lesson 75 min. |€50 follow ups 60 min. | €180 set of 4 (60 min) lessons |

Schedule your lesson in person or online.

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