What you seek, is also seeking you. ~ Rumi

Revitalise // Balance // Freedom // Rebirth

Join Marlia in a 3-hour workshop to discover the power and mystery of ancient dances, rituals and ancestral voicing – a gateway for self-growth and spiritual transformation – through movement, music, love, whirling and stillness. Be moved by beautiful, sacred music.

¬ Awakening deeper connection to your body
¬ Merging spirituality (Spirit) and Body (Matter)
¬ Negotiating choices in improvised movement dialogues
¬ Remembering the sacredness of the Mystics, the Feminine and the Masculine, the ancient Greeks
¬ Harnessing energy and raising your energetic vibration
¬ Healing traumas and embracing your highest potential

Through a regenerative practice that can remain with us days after the workshop, we will use different movement techniques to investigate our presence in our bodies, on the floor, against the wall, with a partner, with multiple partners and in stillness. In a safe environment, participants can practice heightened awareness and responsibility rooting their physical awareness, developing the sense of gravity and dynamic alignment, enabling weight sharing/balancing, exploring the sense of touch and vision, learning how to move together in physical contact and how to read adapt to another body in motion.

Our rivers will climb up mountains as we will move into a sustained whirling movement to sharpen our senses, our capacity to focus, connect our body and mind and enter the state of creative presence. Additionally to the fact that whirling improves balance, focus and perception as well as the overall regulation of metabolism, we will explore how it feels to die a little before we die, to get reborn, to release whatever energy no longer serves us, to relax and open our heart, body and mind.

No experience required – nevertheless it is preferable that the participants are engaged in mindfulness.


Movement // Drumming // Poetry // Contact improvisation // Sacred Dance // Breathing meditation // Sighing // Ancient Wisdom // Human spirals // Sacred geometry // Voice Activation // Nature

I am using English and the universal language of music to speak to you during the workshop

Please bring soft comfortable sporty clothes (T-shirt, long pants) and avoid having a big heavy meal before the session

CACAO BLESSED : : Ceremonial co-creation

Do not feel lonely; the entire universe is inside you. ~ Rumi

Health // Flow // Heart // Mood enhancer

Our ancestors have left us their own way of practicing spirituality and their way to connect. This is a celebration of abundance. Let’s co-create this Sacred Space.

Join Marlia for a sacred ceremony with the heart medicine of Cacao, if you wish to travel and enter into new depths of your inner space. With meditation and sonic journeying, we dive deeper into our individual and collective processes, unconscious programs and life’s designs, honouring the Cacao spirit so it may listen to our intentions and prayers for the ceremony.


¬ Exploring the infinite potential of our individual & collective voice, the most powerful instrument on Earth
¬ Awakening deeper connection to your body
¬ Surrendering to an ecstatic dance where we remember our connection to this cosmic web of power that runs through all things
¬ Engaging with the sacred wisdom of our hearts, making the path clearer
¬ Moving stagnated energy through the body and clearing subconscious patterns
¬ Harnessing energy and raising our energetic vibration
¬ Letting go of fear and shame and trusting our intuition and our feelings

Through this medicine we have a chance to let go of what doesn’t serve us any more and allow the endless flow of the universe to take its course by letting go of our minds and dropping into our hearts.

It is believed that cacao was first used as a health elixir and ceremonial medicine as far back as 1900 BC by the ancestors of Central America, the Olmec people, before becoming a ritualistic medicine used by the Aztec and Mayan cultures. Cacao is a powerful heart-opener, increasing blood flow significantly with a ceremonial dose. Its gentle, supportive energy allows people to expand and experience heightened states. It will add a delicious, rich, heart-opening energy to our gathering. As we let the cacao do its work we will get in deeper touch with each other and ourselves.

We will dance through the 4 elements in perfect synchronisation with the rhythm of our hearts. We will use the power of sacred tones and free sound expression to unlock vibrational keys and ancestral melodies from deep within our beings. Our co-created sound can echo through our collective intentions and can create expanded states of consciousness and a deep place of healing.

Practical info:
¬ Avoid eating a heavy meal for an hour before as it will slow down the Cacao absorption in the body
¬ Avoid caffeine in the hours before as Cacao contains thiobromine which is a similar chemical compound and a small amount of caffeine, but together will give you quite an unwanted buzziness
¬ You do not need any experience in singing, meditation or in any practice. Just show up and be open to listen deeply.

¬ I use English and the universal language of music to speak to you during the workshop

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