I started teaching classical guitar when I finished my Royal Academy of London studies 23 years ago; then came English language lessons after completing my English Literature University studies, as well as post-graduate studies of Translation, Interpreting and Subtitling. Then came Vocal lessons as I continuously study with different teachers traveling around the globe. As this particular instrument came into my life in 2018, I have started offering Handpan lessons.

I am here on this planet to evolve into my full potential as a human being. By refocusing inside me, I experience a state of unity with my True Self characterised by one quality: peace. People I meet along my path very often tell me that I radiate trust, respect, open communication and flexibility. For me it is pure joy to be your active listener, to provide information, to make suggestions for your orientation and to help you establish healthy life connections and relationships.

I travel around the globe all the time and I am constantly on the move. I prefer lessons in person rather than online, because we can experience more clearly the vibrations of our instruments (including the voice!) So let me know where it would be possible for you to meet me and try to synchronise our schedules in the best environmentally-friendly way possible.

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