Life and sound is interwoven. My passion is to share my discoveries and assist you to find your own personal way of integrating the relationship to the sound of your voice into your daily life. I am a soundscaper. My whole life is based on this notion. I can recreate any sound with just my voice. I walk in nature and listen carefully, often recording sounds, and then adding them to my songs on my laptop. The sounds I recreate help me in a number of different ways. They help me release, they provide joy, sometimes they are challenging, they can be a good mirror of my internal state. Tapping into sounds and their recreation often leads to song; sometimes new song and sometimes ancestral song that just comes straight from nowhere. Or so it seems. This whole process helps me achieve making the distance between one thought and the next bigger until I find myself in a continually meditative state.

We can create together an individual voice program for you based on the tools I have to offer.

I am working with Vocal Empowerment including Transpersonal Mentoring for anyone who feels there is potential in you to open or develop your voice and for anyone who wants to connect to their true essence.

In our sessions, we will combine breath work, humming, sighing, guided meditations, voice practices, devotional song, songwriting, individual life coaching and mentoring.

Finding our natural and individual tone and note in speech or song is essential in life and can bring forth shifts and transformation in all areas of life.

Contact Marlia to schedule your lesson in person or online.

€75 initial 75 min. | €60 follow ups 60 min. | €200 series of 4 (60 min) lessons | $420 series of 8 (60 min) lessons plus 1 bonus lesson | (lessons include mentoring and life coaching)

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